Psi Upsilon

Pepperdine's First Fraternity
Established 1983

The brothers of Psi Upsilon will grow together and develop enduring bonds.


The brothers of Psi Upsilon are commited to striving for excellence in all aspects of curricular and co-curricular life.


The brothers of Psi Upsilon learn and develop themselves as leaders with a purpose.


The brothers of Psi Upilson emphasize the importance of service and its effects on the community around them. 




Psi Upsilon is a fraternity at Pepperdine University that prides itself on the close-knit relationship each brother shares. The fraternity aims to develop its members into leaders, create a strong brotherhood, give back to the surrounding communities of Los Angeles and demonstrate excellence in all they do. The fraternity is deeply rooted in tradition and has been present on Pepperdine’s campus for thirty-three years. 


However, before there was Psi Upsilon, the service-based fraternity was known as Lambda Omega Sigma. The Lambda Omega Sigma Fraternity was founded on October 12, 1983 with its representative colors being black and gold. The founders of Lambda Omega Sigma were looking to build a brotherhood upon something meaningful. And so, the name was chosen by taking the last three letters of the Greek word for servant, Doulos. The name represents the service base that the original founders intended for the brotherhood to have and grow through. 


In 1996, Pepperdine University required all of its Greek organizations to merge with a national organization. By 1998, the Lambda Omega Sigma Fraternity had become a new chapter of Psi Upsilon. 


Psi Upsilon still stands strong today on Pepperdine’s campus and is held in high regards just as its predecessor. Currently, Psi Upsilon is 33 brothers strong and is involved all around campus in places such as: Residential and Housing, Administration, Athletics and Inter Fraternity Council.


When initial work began on this scholarship, setting realistic expectations was top of our priority list. $100,000 was no small sum and we knew that achieving it would not only require maximum effort on our part, but also the love and support of the entire community to make this possible. As we began to get closer and closer to our goal, a growing sense of hope filled our entire chapter and our hard work began to pay dividends. Reaching our goal has been one of the most rewarding experiences in our chapter’s history. Cameron Lee Johnson's memory is forever preserved as an endowed scholarship and it would not have been possible without the names of all these people listed below along with everyone else who contributed. We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to those following people for offering such charitable support to our cause of Cam's memory. 


The Lambda Sigma Chapter of Psi Upsilon, 2016-2017

Stuart Slayton, James Maynard, Tyler Ryan, Alexander Freyman, Justin Wirawan, Jonathan Madson, Matthew Huckaby, Ryan Coulter, Kristopher Mazich, William Baker, Scott Bean, Jake Chesson, Carter Clinebell, Kevin Goosherst,, Christopher Lee, Matthew Lund, William Meadows, Joshua Myers, Nicholas Ng, Alexander  Reiten, Brandon VanDyke, Joshua Voorhees, Chris Zhao, Christopher Hannum, Joseph Vielbig, Nathanael Robinson, John Dussik, Chase Del Valle, Alec Royal, Khalil Muhammad, Andy Nitschke, Matthew Grindle, Christopher Little, Marco Leong, Richard Choe, Tom Fredrickson, Miled Jabor, Grayson Beeman, Brandon Audeh, Matt Cruz, Kyle Brooks, Braeden Mitchell, Keith McGuire, Patrick Avedikian, Daniel Lee, Orion Keen, Brad Estes, and Ed Santos

The Cameron Johnson Memorial Scholarship


The Psi Upsilon Endowed Scholarship

In addition to the Cam Johnson Memorial Scholarship, the endowed scholarship is a new development with the purpose of giving money back to active members of Psi Upsilon.  This Scholarship has been developed by alumni Jordan Seah, David Johnson, Stuart Slayton, and Jack Sherrer, who teamed up with Lauren Desai and Devon Ciby.

This scholarship is an amazing new opportunity for active members of Psi Upsilon at Pepperdine, and will be available for application for in the near future.