Awards & Recognitions

Below is a list of the awards and recoginitions the Lambda Sigma Chapter of Psi Upsilon at Pepperdine University has received since its alignment with the national organization in 1998.


Garnet and Gold Award of Academic Excellence


"Any chapter, provisional chapter, or owl club which has achieved a chapter GPA of 3.0, or greater, in each semester for the prior year, or a GPA in excess of the all-men's average (or all-campus average, as appropriate) for their respective schools, may be given an award of academic excellence."


Clasped Hand Award for Outstanding Philanthropy & Service


"This award is presented to chapters that have devoted significant time and effort to philanthropic efforts and community service."


Award of Distinction​


"The award may be given annually to one or more chapters for any project, service, program, activity, or accomplishment performed during the year, which merits special recognition."


Diamond Award for Exceptional Chapters


"This award recognizes chapters that distinguish themselves by exceeding the Psi Upsilon Fraternity chapter standards. During visits to the chapters the staff assesses each chapter on its adherence to the standards and other subjective criteria, and then makes a recommendation to the Convention."


Owl Award for Exceptional Academic Performance


"Any chapter, provisional chapter, or owl club, which demonstrates truly significant academic achievement, may be given an award based on the following criteria: A) Rank on campus in relation to other fraternities; B) The magnitude by which a chapter's GPA exceeds the all-men's GPA on their campus; C) The increase in GPA from fall to spring semester or from last year to this year; D) The GPA itself; ande) Such other criteria as may from time-to-time are deemed to be significant."