Psi U Think You Can Dance 2022

Psi Upsilon's annual philanthropic event​, Psi U Think You Can Dance, is a dance competition that has been held among Pepperdine's sororities and fraternities since 2006 in order to raise money for Conquer Paralysis Now. Conquer Paralysis Now is a foundation started by Sam Schmidt, a former member of Psi Upsilon who got injured and paralyzed in a racing accident.

In order to try to do our part, all brothers of Pepperdine Psi Upsilon work together in order to make an awesome event for people to have fun, dance, and raise as much money for Conquer Paralysis Now as we can.

In previous years, we've raised over $10,000 throughout the course of our philanthropy. Psi U Think You Can Dance, or PUTYCD, is an event that is very important to us, and is something we work towards and look forward to every year.