The Four Pillars of Psi Upsilon

Psi Upsilon at Pepperdine University is committed to developing each of its brothers through emphasis on 4 pillars, including: Brotherhood, Excellence, Leadership and Service. Each one of the pillars serves a different purpose, however, as a whole they foster mature growth and establish genuine values within the men of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity. 



Psi Upsilon fosters friendships that will last a lifetime. Through events and various social opportunities, the brothers of Psi Upsilon will grow together and develop enduring bonds. The brotherhood formed within Psi Upsilon is like no other, and the sense of community each brother shares is something they will hold onto through their entire lives. 



​Along with establishing enduring friendships among the members of Psi Upsilon, the exprience that comes from participating in the brotherhood also allows the members to grow as excellent leaders. Inside and outside their communities, the brothers of Psi Upsilon learn and develop themselves as leaders with a purpose. The brothers are taught to lead with a goal that allows for others to prosper as well - leading with integrity, vision, a moral work ethic and self-discipline.



The brothers of Psi Upsilon pride themselves on excellence and merit. Psi Upsilon is commited to striving for excellence in all aspects of curricular and co-curricular life. A majority of the brothers are involved elsewhere on campus, or off-campus, particpating in service, internships, etc. Currently, Psi Upsilon's involvment extends from Housing and Residential Life to Administration, passing through IFC, athletics and many more areas.  



The emphasis on service within Psi Upsilon is something that separates it from others at Pepperdine University, and at other universities. The fraternity as a whole participates in biweekly service projects to aid the surrounding communities. Psi Upsilon stresses the importance of service because it establishes truer values and helps to move beyond mere self-interest. Service connects and builds a relationship with the greater community at and around Pepperdine University.